Monday, August 1, 2016

 I have been working on my new project. Altar Images or treasure boxes or stash boxes ~ whatever you can imagine for yourself and what you want to put inside them. I have two orders so far ~ shown here ~ the fairy box is for a little girl and the bird box is for some girlfriend of a friend. I sell them for $45 apiece.
I am getting my process figured out, prepping, sanding, color scheme, gluing, cutting, and the final finishing with satin polyurethane. I have found an online e-store which sells Italian prints on a quality acid free paper which takes glue, water, paint quite nicely; and the ink doesn't run when I apply glue or water.
It is fun and I am deeply absorbed in my work. Of course, I listen to music or audio books while I work and the next thing I know, it is 5 p.m. and the daylight is dimming and dinner needs to be made, along with a nice glass of Italian Sangiovese. Love, C

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