Monday, August 22, 2016

I spent the entire weekend in a shamanic world. I uploaded an audio book (love audio books) ~Jose Luis Stevens "Awaken the Inner Shaman." Lots of work with the inner shaman ~ very thoughtful journey work included with the teachings, which teaches how to work with your shadow; guides to how to operate in this world of illusion we live in; and now have an idea pointing me towards a new painting. I am about half way through with my year long course work with the "Year of Ceremony" group ~ about 3000 of us from all over the world. It is so cool to connect with shamanic practitioners from Sweden, Ukraine, UK, Australia... We are all working so hard to bring balance to this chaotic world we live in. This is not "woo-woo," it is deep shadowy gunk that needs to be brought out into the light and healed. Would you not agree that our world is becoming increasingly fragmented and every little thing, we as individuals can do to bring balance back, is infinitely better than hatred and fear? I would challenge you, dear reader, to consider what it is you can bring into your daily life that would make our daily lives a little better. It can be as simple as a sincere smile ~ I see you.

I listened to the entire book saturday and sunday, and worked on my altar boxes. I believe that when you work on artwork, music, writing ~ well, anything creative you are sharing with the world; whatever it is you are listening to, feeling, stressing over, enjoying... is infused into your work.
For me personally, I can look at one of my completed pieces and know exactly what it was I was thinking or feeling at the time. It is like my personal time capsule.

It follows that whomever looks or listens or reads that creative piece will feel on a subtle level what it was that the artist was thinking, the inner catalyst infusing the I AM with the artistic soul. It is a marvelous type of healing, or hatred, or whatever...  One must be careful to walk your talk. Nothing can be done that does not touch on someone or many someones. The whole ripple in the pond effect.

It is all cosmic, we are connected whether we want to believe it or not. So, it must be decided within your heart how you want to carry yourself in the world. What you say and do matters.  Heart, compassion, healing, in the face of fear, hatred, and absolute evil. It is the only way to be; otherwise, you are lying to yourself ~ not owning your shit ~ living the lie that God ~ the great I AM ~ does not live within you and you do not live within the I AM. That is a corruption of the absolute truth of the marvelous and so exquisite heart of the I AM.

Well, enough of my proselytizing. The altar boxes are coming along ~ a bit of a pain in the ass to get the finish to lay on without bubbles and unexpected glitches. I may lay this type of work aside for a little while, and begin work on my new painting. It is so crystal clear inside my head and must be put onto a perfect masonite panel that has been patiently waiting for me to find the image, and paint.
Love, C