Monday, May 30, 2016

I have been working on my new project ~ making boxes for New Paradigm Arts offshoot: Altar Images; which will eventually be sold in my Etsy shop.
The box decoration involves paper, paint, decoupage, lots of glue and varnish. There are some problems which have to be worked out; such as bubbles in the paper. I think some of the problem is the paper is too thick, absorbs the glue and moisture and then it has to dry. Perhaps I am working too fast, and need to let the paper dry thoroughly between coats. Which would be about 24 hours. It is all part of the process, learning as I play with it.
Decoupage is an old craft from France. Think of King Louie furniture with what looks like painted scenes, flowers, birds etc. ~ A lot of it is decoupaged paper under layers of varnish.
I have been using my Cameo cutting machine, ink jet printer and Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop to create my designs. I lose myself and am having lots of fun figuring things out.
The Raven box is done, will put the hinges and clasp on today. The Ahimsa box has a lot of problems and will probably not sell it. The metallic paper doesn't glue well, bubbles and stretches. I have also been using card stock for the Ahimsa box; I will discontinue using this paper too. Too thick. I printed the Tree of Life (raven box) on rice paper and that came out beautifully. Rice paper is thin and dries quickly.
Here are my prototypes:

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