Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I am embarking on a year long ~ 13 Moon, Year of Ceremony ~ with other shamanic practitioners from around the world. At this writing, there are over 600 people participating.
It is organized through SoundsTrue and conducted by 12 shaman elders from different traditions around the world. We all will join together in ceremony on the full moon, via live video or watched later on a taped version; since so many of us are at different time zones, watching the live version could be problematic, say 2 a.m or when you are at work. 

I feel a particular joy with this endeavor, like a vast web of light is being woven around the earth. Shamanic experience has always felt very natural and right for me. It is the platform I have built my artistic endeavors upon. An altar if you will. It is so nice to connect with those of like mind, a world community brought together in a spirit filled ceremony.

This experience will be reflected in my artwork over the coming year. I have begun a new piece already with the theme of spring rite, Ostara, Equinox, the full moon eclipse; which all coincides with the 1st moon ceremony. It is a mixed media piece. I began with designing several paper cuts, which include birds and celtic knot work, and have gessoed the board and painted the initial background stencils in "robins egg blue." 

I wish all of you well, hope that your spring is bursting forth with the promise of joy, health, wisdom, and soul. Love ~ C

Monday, March 14, 2016

I love birds. They have been figuring into my artwork as of late. Two of my latest experimental pieces have had birds in them. My next piece will include them too. 
My new cutting machine ~ Cameo Silhouette ~ is a wonder. I have been asking it to cut out highly intricate designs; Celtic knot work to be exact; wow! beautifully done. There is always a little difficulty learning a new machine/software but it's all good. Technical stuff usually doesn't bother me. 

When I was a little girl, I learned to embroider and discovered the art of patience with small details. That patience has stayed with me. I use patience every day with people and my artwork.
Speaking of patience, I have been trying to update my web site. The art gallery in particular. What a pain in the ass; finding the glitches amongst all the coding. Have you ever seen coding?

Yeah, well now you get the idea.

The flowers of spring have inspired me and got me planning a new piece with white blossoms and Robins. It will be a mixed media piece. Love mixed media. Very experimental. I put on my headphones and listen to, say... Pink Floyd, and just let go, be, cut, glue, paint, daub, print, find my balance and fill my soul with a blissful peace of mind. It is a marvelous thing to feel peaceful and full of energy. Applying elbow grease to your soul purpose will always make one feel simply smashing.

Love ~ C