Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It's been a long while since I have written on my blog. Lots of distractions from the ever increasing roar of the world. I do not watch the news much, scan only the headlines if I must. I commute to a job, because I have to, to keep a roof over my head. One cannot live respectably in this world without money. Work, and it is work, tries to murder my creative impulse every day. This is the main distraction, and the main thing to drop when I come home, shattered.

I hide, go off the grid, immerse myself in my small world in order to survive emotionally and spiritually.

I have been working on my art. Creating. Thinking about my creative process, my routine to get into a proper head space for making art. I need time without distraction. Meditation and music; no phones, no needy people, no television. The early morning hours are best. It is quiet and I am the only one who needs nurturing. In a room of one's own. Thank God for weekends, for vacation time off far from the madding world.
My studio has spilled out into my living space. I am surrounded by my work. There is my work in progress and that which is finished. I think if anyone visited me, knowing only that person they met in the world of linear thinking; they would be astounded at the outpouring of soul onto canvas, paper, and handcrafted objects.

I have come back from a walk, it is early spring here in my valley. Flowers scent the air, white and pink blossoming trees are a miraculous arbor to walk underneath. This friday is the spring equinox and a solar eclipse. It is also the last square between Pluto and Uranus. This last week has been a real doozy energy wise. Knocked me out. I have made sure to have friday off plus monday, to rest and linger in my art.
I should be finished with my "Magic Box" project this weekend. Photos published here and my Facebook page upon completion. Then onto a new multimedia exploration with decorative paper, ink, paint, transfer photos, and illustrator-photoshop files. Readying for an art show in October.
Love ~ C