Wednesday, August 27, 2014

I've been immersed in developing some new artwork for an art show in Jacksonville, OR. It is thematic ~ Dia de los Muertos, the show will open in October. I am creating a digital fine art piece and an alter/shrine. My digital piece is called "La Loba ~ Singing Over the Bones."
I have found a beautiful model to create my focal point for the piece, La Loba; found her on deviant art, faestock. She allows people like me to use her stock photo's for free unless you sell a certain amount. I really appreciate finding her, I believe she is the model and the photographer. It is a difficulty to find people for my work. Most stock photo's can cost several hundred dollars to use, and then you have copyright issues as well. I find most of my figures in vintage photography sites like wikimedia.
The shrine I am building is dedicated to Georgia O'Keefe. I haven't crafted anything in awhile, so I dug out my tools and am constructing it out of a shadow box, balsa and bass wood, O'Keefe artwork, a fimo clay sugar skull figure, etc.
I have been so excited to work on these two pieces.
I have also entered three digital pieces in an art show down in L.A. ~ the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art. It is a juried show, the artwork they show tends to be quite contemporary so I don't know if my work will make that scene. It is worth trying though, why the hell not.