Sunday, March 16, 2014

"Crossing the River Chi" © New Paradigm Arts
12" x 14" ~ 43.3M
Photoshop, Illustrator, KPT
Christy French, Artist
Okay! I feel like this is done. This is an illustration depicting the dream I had about a week ago in full Technicolor 3D. The Egyptian statue is a photograph I took when visiting the Vatican museum a couple years ago. The Japanese geisha is a vintage photograph I collected from Wikimedia.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Dream:  this was a technicolor Life of Pi 3D dream
I was looking out onto a vista panorama ~ not really any type of land formations ~ just looking out onto a distant golden blue sky vastness. I looked down and saw that I was at the beginning of a cable suspension wooden bridge. The bridge rolled down and off into the distance ~ to a perspective disappearing point which ended in a golden kaleidoscope patterned sky. The bridge went over an iridescent river - it was the river Chi or Qi. I looked ahead and saw a large figure, sorta cartoonish in size (think Shrek) with its back to me, pulling the suspension cables of the bridge over the river and towards a golden light. This was so I could cross the Chi river safely. There was a hooded and cloaked guide, in black, guiding my elbow ever so gently and delicately across. The guides name was Enigma. I woke up.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

"Whale Song Dream"
8" x 10" 20.6m
© New Paradigm Arts
Christy French, artist

Had an interesting dream last week which I kept filed in my mind until I could find the time to create this new illustration. Dreamt I was in a skiff out on the ocean. I had hunted for and killed a whale and was dragging it back to shore to feed my village. The blubber was cut up into squares and dried into whale crackers. The crackers were nourishing and the entire village was no longer starving.
Of course, I wouldn't dream of harming a whale in ordinary reality. I felt that dream was a reflection of my emotional life the last month ~ feeling adrift at sea without an anchor. It has been frightening this feeling of aloneness in the world. Shamanic knowledge would insist that I use the recognition of my own death at some point in ordinary time; to be straightforward and altruistic in this life walk. In my existential spirit quest, an every day thing for me; I found the hot blood of the sea ready to give of itself to nourish me and my spirit village. I awoke from the dream and felt I had done something for the greatest good of the community. I felt healed.
Whale Medicine is all about record keeping and sound frequencies. Its gifts are clairaudience and psychic development ~ an ability to tune into the universal mind of spirit, and allowing sound to release tension or emotion. I use the solfeggio tones when readying myself to create art. Today I have been listening to Mozart. I feel at peace, grounded and happy.