Monday, February 17, 2014

"Solfeggio Ascension" ©
18" x 24" ~ 111.2Mbs
 Digital Fine Art ~ Photoshop, Illustrator, KPT
Christy French, Artist
This is my newest digital artwork, which took about 40 hours to create. I believe I have mentioned in a previous blog that I listen to the Solfeggio tones before I begin working. This artwork blossomed in my mind after a guided meditation and listening to the tones. I have also discovered that I can listen to audiobooks and lectures ~ as you can see, I was listening to a lecture on the holographic universe - sort of a mind fuck but I can hang with some of its premises. I wish I felt as emotionally and mentally at peace as this artwork depicts... the world catches me up and sets me to turmoil, so much that I get physically ill. Working on a piece like this does get me grounded and fills up my soul with a peaceful contentment.
Other than listening to lectures on the Nature Of Reality, I am also reading don Miguel Ruiz's books "The Four Agreements" and currently diving into "The Fifth Agreement." The books and the lectures are actually very close in concept. I find it kinda weirdly awesome when synchronicity happens ... I mean I didn't plan to listen to that 6 hour lecture. I was scrolling around YouTube and wella! Oh, hey that looks interesting and the next thing I know my attention was hooked. However, if I follow what was being taught I can reach an understanding that synchronicity is placed in your path and you just have to pay attention when it happens.
So here I sit in front of my computer, at home sick, my headphones are strapped on and listening to an hour of Om chanting meditation and thinking about my next art project. Love, C