Sunday, August 11, 2013

This is called "In the Evening Light I Saw..." A purely digital piece.
I created this after a journey I did yesterday morning. There was an idea in my head, but that was quite different from what evolved on my computer canvas ~ sometimes that happens.
Still want to work on the idea in mind.
I have lately been listening to audio and watching video of ~ a couple of shamanic practitioners in the Celtic tradition, very powerful speakers; and then ... I go on my usual tangent of exploring and researching everything I can find on the subject. and then... I watched maybe not such a great movie, but its premise was far reaching in my mind.
I have thought for quite some time that our lives exist on many levels of reality, perhaps live several lives at once on the spiral of time. This movie (Cloud Atlas), involved that premise - I imagine it was very difficult to write, direct, and edit ~ it still didn't quite jell. I want to read the book too. Anyway, towards the end of the movie, I kept getting flashes, probably subliminally implanted within the film, of the Flower of Life. I connected, like a light explosion in my mind, what the Flower of Life portrays. Each circle is a life within the spiral of time. Each circle touches/connects to the next circle. It implies that within the spiral of time, each layer of reality affects one another. What we do in this life, affects our other lives. What we do in this lifetime echoes in eternity ( I know... that's Mr. Crowe in Gladiator), but it feels true. It is Karma, Deja Vu, Reincarnation, Soul Group.
so... that is what is on my mind this morning. Love, C

Saturday, August 3, 2013

© "Matrix of Ascension"
12" x 10"   30.9mb
Christy French, Artist ~ New Paradigm Arts
My latest artwork, done in Adobe Photoshop CS6, Illustrator CS6, KPT fractal. Took about 20 hours to complete. Basically portrays a male and female contemplating the ascension process. Its fun... to drop the world and be creative. I feel whole, grounded, in alignment after a good days work.