Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A day in the life

     My web site seems to be fully locked and loaded again. I have been through a personal hell, trying to get back on line over the last couple weeks. I did learn one major thing ~ do not ever, ever, ever, mess with the file hierarchy on the server side. I suppose you could get away with it if you were a web content manager professional, which I am not. The old stuff/images I have not used in eons did get cleaned out though. I am preparing to launch a separate site for the moon lodge stuff, updating my graphics, fonts, and trying not to be overly feminist in vision. Although, it is a feminist site.
     I have been learning my new software, primarily Dreamweaver (web design software) at this time, via Lynda.com. Lots to learn and updating my meager skills has been daunting. Keeping the plaque off the 'ole brain cells... The moon lodge site will be renamed and launched towards the end of the summer.
     So... yes, I have been busy with my web sites and a couple clients. Not really had time to work on any new artwork. Designing a digital art piece involves at least 40 hours of concentrated effort, and even more time is involved if I am developing a painting or multimedia piece. Since I have to work outside of the studio to pay my rent, I have less time during the week to work, come home and have to do the mom/housekeeping/gardening stuff, then next thing I know its 0 dark thirty and I am  needing the comforts of my bed. Sometimes I can manage an hour on a weekday, but usually I am too tired to be creative. My studio work habits are 6:30 am to about 5 pm weekends. Fully concentrated Zen mind, interrupted occasionally by stretching my legs in the garden, scrounging for leftovers in the fridge or petting the cat. A day in the life of a modern woman. ~ Love, C

Monday, June 3, 2013

Sorry my art gallery has been off line. Having a problem with coding and uploading to my server.

update ~ 06 14 13: finally found the backup on my server and reloaded my web site - still needs some cleanup. It has been so aggravating, thinking that I have all the coding correct, all the "addresses" are pointing in the right direction, but NOOOO.
Anyway, I had been updating my pages and went a little too far in my diligent clean up on the server side. Thank Gawd, I can go back to square one. I notice that the index page is still not working... hmm... will continue to try and fix that. Mercury isn't retrograde yet is it?