Monday, May 13, 2013

Hey there, its been a while. Went on my long wished for trip to visit the Art Institute of Chicago. Their American art collection was what I needed to see ~ as an American and an artist. The Impressionist collection, both French and American was stupendous. Seriously, the gallery filled with Renoir's was exquisite beyond belief. Saw more Gauguin than I  have ever seen in one place, and placed next to Van Gogh ~ well now there's a story.
I found Chicago to be a city of vertical lines, windy city canyons, and actually not that many people like you may find in New York City (elbow to elbow on the sidewalks). I am glad I did not get mugged nor murdered ~ Chicago does not have the best of reputations. It did help to meet some old friends, contributing to the general splendor of a weekend in the city.
I have been working on the business of being an artist: got a new gig designing a web site for a friend; signing up for "master" classes in the all the software I work with plus business stuff one really needs to know to be a capitalist tax payer >:0 

On my way out the door this morning
I caught myself singing my old song.
Spirit stopped me and said
"it no longer serves you to sing your old song."
So I will sing a new song this day
I will sing a new song to summon in
my better tomorrow.