Sunday, April 14, 2013

I have upgraded my software to Adobe Creative Suite 6. I spent all day yesterday reading and watching video about changes in Adobe software. What it really takes is to dive in and start working with the new interface. At some point most of my web site pages will change, as I crawl into Dreamweaver CS6. It is boring to have a static web site don't you think? I am toying with an idea for a new separate web site, and will probably separate out the Moon Lodge from my web gallery. Imagine that, three web sites. The back end of web site design is tedious and requires a great deal of attention to detail ~ HTML coding detail.
I also acquired a new Wacom Intuos5 tablet. The old one I had was worn out, a scratched up surface which bumped my drawing pen; and the pen itself had lost its sensitivity, it just wasn't grabbing. If you are a digital artist I cannot say enough good things about the Wacom tablet.
I finished my new piece, "Cernunnos." It was all done in the 'old' version of Illustrator and put together in Photoshop. When I work on a piece, I usually do subject research, choose a pallet (Forest in this case), and I always learn something new. As an artist works, every piece becomes a way to hone your skills. It is a step closer to becoming a master of your particular creative bent, be it painter ~ musician ~ writer ~ dancer.

18" x 24" digital fine art, Christy French ~ Artist
18" x 24" Digital Fine Art
Christy French, Artist

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