Sunday, March 24, 2013

I have been working on a new piece, of a Celtic nature, titled "Cernunnos."
You may know this ancient Celtic god as the green man. Cernunnos  is the wild god of the forest, depicted with antlers, a snake and a bag of coins. This piece is mostly an homage to my ancestors from Scotland, Ireland, and Sweden. It is a figure I have encountered while on my shamanic journey's, an ally if you will.
The piece when finished will be 18" x 24", 111 megabits, in a digital fine art format. All work is created in Adobe Illustrator, then put together in Adobe Photoshop 6. It has been a concentrated effort to learn Celtic/tribal knot work. The weaving in and out requires great concentration - a zen space for me : )  ~
Several representatives of the forest glens are depicted in this piece. So far, I have Deer (stag/elk), Wolf, Owl, Salmon, Lynx, Snake. I have one more animal to complete ~ not sure as of yet what that will be. Cernunnos... well eventually you will see him, sitting cross legged, wearing a mask ... He was the first part of this work to be completed, then the rest of the party was invited, everyone is showing up.