Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My inspiration when I need to climb mountains. The Three Billy Goat Gruffs was my favorite story as a child ~ also my rising sign ~ guts and determination, hardiness in the face of steep odds ~ balancing out my soft dreamy artistic libraness. Power animal : )
"Baba Yaga"
Do not abandon one's hopes, dreams, soul life. Fight to keep the dream alive. To desert ones dreams are as if you have abandoned yourself. To leave your soul orphaned in the vast wastelands of human experience. Condemning yourself to empty days and nights, where the soul exists in a garden of neglect. What was once lush, wet, tangled in the growth of dreams are laid to waste in barren soil.  Love ~ C

Thesaurus: fertile, fecund, fruitful, prolificfertile woman is one who has the power to produce offspring, just as fertile soil produces crops and a fertile imagination produces ideas. This adjective pertains to anything in which seeds (or thoughts) can take root and grow. A woman with ten children might be described as fecund, which means that she is not only capable of producing many offspring but has actually done it. A woman can be fertile, in other words, without necessarily being fecundFruitful, whose meaning is very close to that of fecund when used to describe plants and may replace fertile in reference to soil or land, pertains specifically to something that promotes fertility or fecundity (a fruitful downpour). It can also apply in a broader sense to anything that bears or promotes results (a fruitful ideaa fruitful discussion). While it's one thing to call a woman with a large family fecund, prolific is more usually applied to animals or plants in the literal sense of fertility, and suggests reproducing in great quantity or with rapidity. Figuratively, prolific is often used of highly productive creative efforts (a prolific author with 40 titles published).