Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Mystical Life


Deconstruction: To expose somethings hidden parts, the hidden internal assumptions which you live your life by. An act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more worthy or important.

     Some days clarity is presented to you with a big red bow and you really need to listen.
     I live a mystical life mostly. Much of my artwork involves spirit and mystical experiences; inner soul urges are expressed in an intuitive artistic manner. I can see this quite clearly in my artwork, events and people which are pointing me in the direction of taking a chance, a bid for change. I feel as if I have been summoned ~ so to speak ~ by spirit, to go on a walk about, a spiritual journey. It is not a new subject to me, I have been contemplating this leap for quite some time. I have been a watcher on the threshold, and have nearly made my way to the door. An invitation had been issued, and I find myself at the crossroads. Fear and hesitation grips my heart, as I accept the calling of my adventurous soul to move beyond convention and comfortable things. It is a summons of departure, a process of disentanglement from the constraints of the society in which I live. It is the way of the mystic, taking the road less traveled, a leap of faith. The long walk that leads to the grail.
     I had a clear vision yesterday, a vivid image of one of my internal altars, my sacred space constructed for family, ancestors, social constructs. That altar was destroyed, broken and scattered. I was at first disturbed about it, but then came to realize with clarity that this needed to be done in order to move on. I will reconstruct some of it, but those parts which I need to release, that label me as this or that, can be sacrificed to all that was and shall never be seen again. A funeral pyre shall be built and prayers will be sent up to the Gods. I shall weep for those things that are lost, but the memories shall ever remain in my heart.
     The Clan Mothers have come back into my life again. I have been here before, and now find the teachings are lifted to a different level of learning. I am always amused at how spirit works, another year of teachings to ready myself for the journey out on the hill again. This one will involve a walk about. This one will involve release of labels, stepping into a new and different way of being.
It is the way of the Shaman mystic, guided by spirit, walking the road less traveled.