Thursday, August 2, 2012

     I was reading an old 2010 Mountain Astrologer magazine this morning and found some food for thought/inspiration. The article is about Saturn, reincarnation and soul purpose. Each one of us is born with a sense of purpose, we are here for a reason... a purpose filled contract if you will between God and soul ... then, according to myth we drink the cup of forgetfulness, we are born and then spend our lives always on the look out for whatever it is that we forgot. We hope to catch that wisp of memory, and then we could at last find our reconnection to the great I Am That I Am. That is the great longing, that feeling that something is missing. We look for it in meditation, drugs, sex, food, religion ~ sometimes we get there, we find our hearts filled with Gods presence. I wish that feeling would last ... but then the world creeps in again and we lose the connection.
     The idea that I was so entranced with was the reference to our bodies as a mini universe. So, when we are born, a new life or reincarnation ... "they are big-banged into a new life."  I am sure you are aware of the big bang theory, a scientific idea trying to explain how it (the universe) all got started.
     Many moons ago, when I was a young woman I realized that everything is made up of energy, atoms, in different densities and rates of energetic speed. If you think about it, our bodies are made up of stardust. When a star explodes, all the particles move out into space, and eventually we ingest it, I think it must become part of our DNA. String theory is also an interesting concept, if something moves out in space or even here on our planet, something else is affected ~ think dominos or a spiderweb. Indeed, it is all connected. Since then I have tried to express that idea in my artwork. The world is so beautiful, so awesome it feels impossible to truly grasp God's great and eternal magnificence.