Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ponte Vecchio over the Arno river, Florence, Italy

I'm back from my postcard vacation in the soft amber mediterranean ambiance of Italy. A friendly relaxed people. Saw lots of art, and wished that there was more time to really take my time and digest what I saw - like one art museum a week. But alas, I did not have that time. I did take lots of photos to remember what I saw and did. What a challenge I set up for myself. A solo journey is not for the weak hearted, whether out on the hill or to a foreign country. I am glad to be back in my home country. I have re-discovered my inner core, the strength of will which continues to guide me on my path. I feel grounded and centered.
I will be writing more as time goes on.
Interesting what is going on in the world...these times they are a changing.  Love - C

meditation for global healing with Deepak Chopra