Sunday, March 6, 2011

Italian Adventure

I will be traveling to Italy very soon. Experience the Italian Renaissance visually through the artwork of Michelango, Raphael, Donatello. Delight in intricate Italian Baroque with artwork of Caravaggio and Bernini. Lets not forget to mention how old Rome and Florence are, we're talking B.C people. This trip has fallen together effortlessly, a gift from spirit - and through the kind and generous heart of a Piscean benefactor, whom felt guided to gift me with the wings for this trip.

     I see a door, a portal, through which I step, making fear my ally in this vision quest to bring my dreams forward into reality. Dragonfly is there once again, standing guard at the crack between the worlds. The veil is drawn open and I step through, and gaze upon the gray smoked mirror. I look deep within its depths and draw forth my deep soul life which longs for another way of being.
     The sabian symbol for my natal Saturn is Scorpio 20: A woman draws away two dark curtains closing the entrance to a sacred pathway. It is the woman within, the path to the mystic's unitive life, opened up once the darkness of fear, egocentricity, and dualistic morality is removed. It reveals what a positive reliance upon faith and intuition can bring about. Courage is needed to go through the veiling darkness-the courage to go beyond the familiar and traditionally known, to plunge ahead into the unknown.
     I didn't think about this symbol until just now while writing in my blog. It feels so appropriate. It is like another puzzle piece fitted into this beautiful painting of my life. For those of you who know a little about astrology, Saturn is currently transiting 5 of my natal planets in Libra in the 9th house, and eventually my 2nd Saturn return. Pluto is conjunct my ascendant - and yes, I am cleaning house - spring cleaning, yippee!! My natal Saturn in the 10th house has been the one who makes me work really hard without much reward. So my question to the old boy is: when I step through your planetary portal will I finally get the gold ring?
I don't think I will write in my blog again until I get back from Italy.
Arrivederci mi amici, Love - C