Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Moon - Full Moon - Dark of the Moon
I howl at the moon
when my blood is full of the fever;
hot, wanting, needing to create
a vision of love,
a vision of darkness which
resides in the aloneness of my heart.

A balanced yin yang,
always, the shadow and the light
sucking me deep into the vortex
of me.
I stand at the edge of my abyss
looking out into forever,
longing, needing, for...yes.

A deep need for the throbbing
pulse of my heart
when I think of me, you,
creating, being, wanting, needing.
And it is a song in my heart
forever singing a song of love,
I hear your sweetness singing
in my ear, breathing sighs
in my hair, as we....yes.

The darkness of the moon
is where my soul resides,
where I create and birth
my longing for you.
and yes...


Thursday, January 13, 2011

The collective consciousness is being called upon to listen to a message. It is regarding the 9 y.o. little girl, Christina Taylor Green, who was murdered in Tucson during the political meeting with congresswoman Gifford. It is regarding how we are relating to each other personally and collectively. The thing that is striking me is this; Christina was born on 9/11 - a collectively painful wounding of not only America, but the entire world. The book she was featured in, "Faces of Hope" showcased a baby from each of the 50 states born on 9/11. Christina was one of those babies.
What I am thinking the significance of this is, and was probably Christina's soul mission, may have been to remind us of hope in the darkest of circumstances. The world and America has become embroiled in deceit, hatred, war, the rape and pillage of personal bank accounts, and the mindless rhetoric of 24/7 hate-mongering. Maybe what her martyrdom means, the murder of her innocence, is for us all to take a step back - and ask ourselves, what the hell are we doing to each other?
The fear engendered by 9/ll, has produced divided, myopic viewpoints which is far from the America I grew up in, the best of what America represents. The hope we voted for in the personage of Barack Obama, is being quashed and repealed by hate and the fear of moving forward. The psychopathic killer is a direct mirror of all our hate and fear darkening forever the mind of a young man, the collective consciousness, and our hope for a better today-a better future. We are collectively murdering our hope.
We, on a collective level, must find within our hearts and minds a way beyond fear, and rekindle - stoke the fires of - that heart flame of God/Hope/Love/Faith - to be our very best selves. To be responsible to ourselves and the community of man we live in, to walk a path of truth - the good red road.
Mitakuye Oyasin All My Relations - C

Saturday, January 8, 2011

I finally got the new look for my web gallery working. It can be a real growly bear to get everything linked and directory's synchronized on my local site and the server. Probably shouldn't have done it during Mercury retrograde, but it seems to be working now.

Our world is changing so fast, it is hard to keep up. I think we have more changes to come, on a deep mass consciousness level. In our chrysallis form, we are readying ourselves for a new way of beingness. Some are more ready than others. Some cling to a way of being that is comfortable not wanting to move forward out of fear. The challenge is to face the fear that deep change engenders, to embrace this new form of consciousness here on the earth plane. We are all connected on a deep cellular level and have chosen to be here on this plane to experience the nature of being in this world. The question is, at what point do we escape our cocoon and become the butterfly, spreading its wings in the light of our star/sun.

Making new artwork, and planning my trip to Italy this spring.