Thursday, October 28, 2010

When I think of God, I think of the all encompassing, corporeal body of God - which in my mind is the entire universe. God is unlimited after all, everything is God and I mean everything. In my attempt to understand God and to find my place within its vast body, I start from here = the vast universe. Then my mind thinks in terms of physics, I have a limited knowledge of physics, but can really appreciate the ideas of Einstein, string theory, and the scientific position that space has been expanding since the big bang. If indeed there was a big bang; how did this all get started anyway? So...
If God is the all encompassing vastness of space and everything included in it, we (humans), trees, stars, aliens - well everything... is God expanding in ascension. Ok, so space is expanding, everything is in constant flux - that would be the constant - all these changes God absorbs as knowledge of itself, expanding Gods consciousness. So as Gods consciousness expands does not all of the universe expand with God? Can God have an ascension as well? I know that this is humanizing God in this attempt to understand the vast consciousness of God but it tickles my brain to think this way.
I hear so much from certain communities of thought that we (humans and the Earth) are being prepared for an ascension into a different dimension in consciousness than we have known before. You know, the 2012 Mayan thang. If God consciousness has been expanding all along, then this is not an entirely new phenomenon. Historically, humankind has evolved. Well, we where was I going with this.
As you and I gain in consciousness, work on our karma, do our yoga, chakra balancing, reading, meditation, whatever you do to enlighten yourself; God is also expanding with us or we are expanding in the consciousness of God.
I think about the bad things too, like cholera in Haiti, tsunamis, mass murderers, druggies, war; and know that God is learning from all this too. As we do...eventually. When bad things happen, we learn from that. I could go on and on with this thought process but I think dear reader, that you have the general idea.
So...when you are in meditation, working on your auric chakra balancing, breathing in the light and visualizing expanding that light within and outside of yourself, getting rid of all the sticky negative stuff, can you visualize the ever expanding universal mind of God within yourself? Think of your body as God, all those cells, neurons, mitochondria, hair, skin, organs are all like Gods universal body is in God.That is what we are after all, cells within Gods body.
until next time...C