Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Don't you love lightbulb moments, when you realize something profound about yourself, life etc.
It is like a Hallmark card from God.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dreaming with the Galactic Core and Cardinal Cross

Last night was a full moon in Libra, with the sun opposition in Aries, Pluto in Capricorn and Mars in Leo, not quite a cardinal cross, more of a T. The moon was conjunct Saturn in Libra as well. Portending what will be happening in the skies astrologically speaking this summer with a massive cardinal cross of planets - I guess it is a wait and see as to what will be happening then. It is all good (eventually) I feel, we are in the difficult process of birthing our new paradigm. I read that our planet has also aligned with the Galactic Core at 28 degrees Sagittarius. This is the 2012 thing that all the hand wringers have been so afraid of...well my dears we are already there, have been for awhile. We are in fact just flipping the galactic calendar and starting another 26,000 years spin around the hub of the Galactic Core of our spiral galaxy.
I have been talking with some of my friends-those who are more prone to "downloading" information in dream dialogues, and or intuiting the cosmic consciousness. There is a lot going on spiritually, people are de-cluttering their lives.
Dreams of archangels, guides and channelers: I had the most beautiful dream last night of a sunset lit beach, soft light grey sand, the ocean and sky glowed in shades of purple, gold and magenta. It was quiet and beautifully radiant. The iridescent ocean gently ebbed and flowed, the water was warm on my feet as I walked through the gentle surf around a large rock to see two women sitting on the beach enjoying the sunset. One of the women is an acquaintance of mine and the other is a person who hosts a blogtalk radio program I listen to, "Awakenings." The acquaintance bounced up to me all excited and told me she was a herald for the new age and was quite happy about it. (just then my cat started meowing and woke me from the dream-drat wee beasty!)
One friend of mine has been dreaming of archangels, doing some serious downloading; and another friend of mine dreamed of the Beatles, George Harrison in particular who was channeling and writing new music.
All interesting I think. What have you been dreaming of, and who is speaking to you?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

car dream: I left my car at a garage to get fixed. the garage was by the ocean. I went somewhere, it was dark, there were people but don't remember where it was, a small town? I realized that I wanted to get my car back and that there wasn't much wrong with it, I could fix it myself and went back to get it.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Freedom: My thought processes of late have been about freedom, loss of freedom, giving away freedom - to be me, live my life as I want it, not be under anyones thumb. I realized this morning that it is a theme that has threaded throughout my adult life; a deep abiding need to be free, altruistic, not beholden to anyone. I distance myself from my family, keep only a few trusted friends, regard boss types with suspicion, remained single over the last decade, etc.
I believe it is part of my soul contract to be free. I have had revelations about past lives of being a chattel, married off to someone who regarded me as property-staring out a window longing for the freedom to be educated, on my own, no longer a slave to the whims of others. Thus I remain unattached, got my college education, explore my own thoughts on spirituality (as opposed to the church's ideas), creating art...although life circumstance keeps me unable to travel the world as I would have liked, as in lack of funds. So, the stolen car dreams and the Fung Shui is all part and parcel of my continuing exploration of freedom in this lifetime.
Self awareness is a life long process and quite an education.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dream Theory: Had an enlightening talk with a shaman friend yesterday re my stolen car dreams. He listened to what I said and gave me a "key" - the word disabler. I can be found guilty over the years of giving my keys to other people and my life (way of being) becomes a little less as I try to become more like what they want me to be - my relationships with men in particular. I have known for some time that I do not deal with authority figures and their rules very well. In fact I resent it very much when someone tries to tell me what to do, sit in judgment, treat me as less, curb my freedom...and it has caused me some problems with boss types. As I know in my heart and mind that I am their equal. The lessons learned as a child: keep your mouth shut; I don't want to hear what you have to say; don't rock the boat-are triggers for me, and someone with the idea that they have authority over me can really push those buttons.
So, the theory is, is to not give them my keys, to in effect disable the way in which I give my keys to someone who does not deserve it. It is a difficulty to drop those ways of being that are a part of my psyche-ways of being since childhood. However, I was given a gift of insight yesterday from my shaman friend, as well as those dreams, to shift my way of reacting to events, be more aware-to drop the old paradigm of being and become more authentically altruistic.
This all goes hand in hand with the Feng Shui idea, shifting things around, getting rid of the stuff that no longer works in your life. It is a good thing to be aware and to listen up when the universe is trying to get your attention.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

stuck in the old paradigm

I have been listening to a series of blog talk radio shows re: Feng Shui. I did some de-cluttering last weekend in my living room and could immediately feel the difference in energy. I know that I have been stuck, for a while now...and the universe answered me - as it always will - and guided me to these shows. I have studied a little bit the idea of Feng Shui, have a bag gua compass, some books, but really haven't done too much with the ideas. I look around this morning and realize/see all the stuff that is cluttering up my life, my home, my job, and know what I have to do to release the old energy.
It is kind of like an earthquake, the earth gets stuck and the release of energy changes things up big time-just look at the news lately.

So the question is, what is stuck in your life that needs to change?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Don't be afraid of the dark
I am here for you
Keep the flame lit
in the hearth
The fire of my love
will keep you warm
I will not leave you
I never left at all
Let my wings enfold you
cradle you in my arms
lay to rest your fears
My darling one I am here for you

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

thinking about this dream I had last night, and also had another stolen car dream. My subconscious is trying to get my attention. I have been working on ideas re: fears, dropping the veil as to our divine nature-and it is coming through in my dreams. One of my dream symbols has been Bear, which is symbolic for me of my fears. Last nights dream bear wasn't real, it was actually a costume with someone inside it. So I would hazard a guess that my fears are an illusion. The stolen car dreams probably have to do with my vehicle/way of going (life, dreams, art) is getting stolen from me. In my dreams, I couldn't figure out how someone stole my car as she has an dis-abler installed in it which will kill the engine until a mechanic re-enables the magic microchip. I would think I am the one with the key, the microchip, and am letting my life circumstance get in the way of my dreams of what and who I am. that sounds reasonable.
One of my friends suggested I get a shamanic soul retrieval, which might be a good idea. I have also had thrown at me to keep up with my daily prayer/meditation practice-I have been really bad for a while, other things to do instead. I guess it would be a good thing to pay attention, drop the fears, and let it all happen in as graceful a manner as possible.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I have been grappling with my fear, a deep dark woundedness, that heals little by little as more understanding grows in my mind and heart. Self-discovery is quite an adventure.

I have been in a dark jungle, struggling through the vines and undergrowth, hacking away at those things-thoughts-circumstance, which if it could, would swallow me whole. I could not allow that. I can know a truth intellectually, a truth which subscribes to the idea that we are light beings, all a cell, an atom, a living embodiment of all there is, the I Am That I Am. The longing, an age old desire that longs to re-unite with Mother/Father. How does one cross that line, draw back the thin veil which hides the truth of that wonder from our minds and hearts. Would it be such a rapturous experience? So massive that we are too afraid our very soul would eclipse and become nothing, and so not look so deep within. Can we drop all pretense and mask, all learning of those things which tell us we cannot be that-and just be...

I was listening to this cowboy philosopher mystic today on the radio. What he said about respect and honor, seeing yourself as more that what you are told you are, is the place to start. Mostly about being honest with yourself and others. Integrity, living your life with no pretense about what you are and are not, self deception is not allowed. It is a difficulty to live an authentic life in our society, and there in lies the challenge. To live a life in integrity, as honestly as any human/light being can. I think many people in your life, who in reality cannot but will try to tell you they can, will label you-tell you no you can't-apply rules. These thinks I am grappling with...
Deep in the back of my winter cave I sit at my fire. Through the smoke hole I can see the star nation on its nightly travels. My shadow companion sits at my left, hood pulled low over her face. Occasionally she sighs a truth, stirs the fire and returns to her contemplation. We sit in silence mostly, listening to the winter wind whistling through the branches of the spruce and fir. I listen to the nearby creek which runs cold and fast over the rock bed. A stone, moved by the water makes a clunking sound as it shifts, and I warm my drum next to the fire, and play a song for my hearts healing. My drum, she is my heart beating in time with the earths heart. I drum for the healing of earth mother and all those things which live upon her. My home planet. This is my home, but I feel like I belong somewhere else too. Is this somewhere really just the longing for unification with All That Is ... probably ... The moon is a thin sliver in the sky tonight, waning towards the dark of a new moon, and I sit in contemplation.