Sunday, January 24, 2010

Namaste - dream in my heart, dream in my heart, I dream of you, I dream of me, we are together in the heart of God. Soften my heart, soften your heart, our hearts are softened within the presence of God in our hearts. Namaste.

Monday, January 18, 2010

here is an interesting site - a meditation to listen to, and watch. I also have the link posted on my website.

I listened to this and had such a deep feeling of longing for that which has been lost, home, a need for personal healing, understanding of who and what I am doing here; and found myself teary eyed; a healing had occurred when I first heard this. I listened to it again and held my tetrahedron over my heart chakra and worked on healing my heart, the message that came through was: Be gentle with yourself.

Today I felt like a fake, all talk and no walk. Wrapped up in labels, judgments, misaligned chakras, energy blocked. The work I do-to pay my rent-tends to suck me dry on several different levels. It is a difficulty to be empathic and work with clients who are needy, in pain and want something from you. Eight hours a day. I come home exhausted, drained, numb, and find I cannot work on my art, let alone quiet myself enough to do any sort of spiritual work. It takes alot of energy just to hold my own space, recognize who's energy is not my own, block it out and give it back without anger, fear, hate, judgment. I have been learning to dial it down, a visual process, which works for me. I see two dials in my mind, one is me and the other dial is someone else's energy trying to invade my space. I visualize turning down their dial and amping up my own. It works, drowns them out, and is helping me to identify-hey that is not my soul energy, and stop their noise.

But again, the answer would be, be gentle with yourself.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Dream and lucid dream: night of January 1, actually early morning hours of the 2nd.

I was like the figure in my Star Seed piece, with butterfly like wings, androgynous. I was getting my temperature taken, to see if I was ready to reproduce? There was a sack of tiny seed eggs, two were taken that were ripe and ready. I do not know what I was supposed to do with those but the spirit guide which was working with me in the dream seemed pleased. I woke up and lay there half asleep, still resting in the spiritual dreamscape, I was aware I was still in the dream. Then I recognized that a light being was in my presence hovering over my bed, and asked me to turn over on my back. The light being said that I was ready for the ascension process and began to work on me with light energy. There was a large ball of bright white light over me, a slight pressure on my chest, I couldn't breath very well, and my whole body felt exquisitely alive, full of energy. I was filled with light, not sure how long this went on, 10 minutes maybe. The light being finished, said something about my skin would look younger than my age. Then I fell back asleep.
I thought about this dream all day long, one of those big dreams that mean something and you have to pay attention to. I have been working on my spiritual process for a long while. You can see it in my artwork. If anything I am encouraged and will continue on with my studies, meditation and creating artwork which reflects my inner process.