Wednesday, December 30, 2009

At last...I have been away from my blog for a while. I have been busy of course getting my artwork created, printed, framed for a couple art shows, and now my estore is up and running. I am looking forward to a new year of art shows, creating new artwork, and await with bated breath to see what unfolds in our world and how it affects all living things on our home planet.

Has anyone seen Avatar?-a visual feast for the eyes. Plus lots of messages of course.

I can't help but look up into the sky, see our moon, stars, sun-and think about our place in this great universe of Gods mind. There is so much unfolding within the community of mankind and the eco-sphere. I suppose it would be redundant to go over everything everyone knows about anyway, and don't really want to express my political opinion either. I will say that there is a lot of fear being held in peoples hearts and minds-fear of the unknown, wondering if some sort of horror will be visited upon themselves or their loved ones. Life is precious, one never knows when God will call you home. It is a battle between the old and new way of being. One can hold tight to the old paradigm, a life filled with hate, fear, lust for power and all the 'isms associated with a deeply human psychosis. One can move forward, release the bonds to the old paradigm and move into a lightness of being which can heal ones heart and soul, and heal our home planets ecology. We only have one planet-one home in this great universe, why be so shortsighted and unwilling to take one step more towards being a better human being.

I pray for the healing of our fragile human hearts and minds. I pray that the vast community of all living things on our living home planet earth - humans, birds, fish, plants, minerals, animals - find a way to exist harmoniously. I pray that enlightenment fills all of mankinds hearts. I pray for peace and love. Mitakye Oyasin - All My Relations