Sunday, July 19, 2009

Still contemplating dropping things that just don't work anymore. I have had a couple conversations in the past couple of days about working on our individual ancestral DNA memories. How the ancestral traditions of handling life continues on in our present lives. As we become aware of it, say in a conversation with a cousin or mother, it is astonishing to see that continuity of being, generation to generation. As we, humankind, search for new ways to experience and create our new paradigm, we become aware that a certain change in our thinking has happened and then we have to come up with a way to integrate that in our daily lives. This new awareness has to catch up with and integrate soulwork with ordinary reality. That can be a difficulty, as people we deal with everyday expect you to be one way but you know that you cannot be that way anymore. A shift is happening for many people. Not everyone on the planet is shifting. Some will resist and remain stuck in the old paradigm.
This is a time to be altruistic, listen-be alert-visualize and live your totality of being in all that is, the I Am That I Am. I cannot be anything else but that...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

dreamers are we, that walk the world, dreaming awake the reality of our worlds. We intermesh, connect, bifurcate, weave the web of creation. Earth and all it inhabitants; human, animal, fish, trees, rocks, mountains, birds, rivers, oceans...It is all the big dream, the one that wakes us up in the middle of the night, and we remember it all day long, feeling the energy of it, a meaning, a direction. It is not only the earth and we whom live upon her, but it also all that is out there, in the darkness of the vast galaxy we live in, and beyond that and that and that. All that is, is God, all...
and in that interconnected realization of all that is, cannot we as intellegent beings find our salvation. It is difficult to get past the humaness of our social conditioning, and just be.
How to be? How to drop the world and be.