Monday, April 27, 2009

I have been dwelling on this all day. All the studies I have been engrossed in throughout my life has been an effort to lift the veil between myself and spiritual knowledge. Gnosis. My efforts through art has been a visual study-I don't know if that is the right way to put it-ummm, it's like when I have been creating a new piece, especially of late, it is like taking a peek out from under the veil. I am the bride and I want to see my groom. This is a rumbling in my mind, and it will not go away until I have analyzed and accepted into my heart of hearts the truth of my soul, the truth of everyones soul. Who and what we are, as universal beings of light. I know things intellectually but now I must make love to the soul of it.
I do not know how to put this into words yet, but I will. I have not quite achieved how to portray this gnosis artistically, but I will.
This tickle in my brain, is it kundalini rising? The veil has been lifted a little more? This edge of discovery is erotic and lovely to contemplate.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Spiritual in Art-the inner necessity

Attributed to Kandinsky; "The role of the artist is to serve as the voice or translator of that which transcends human experience."

Can the artist, as shaman, heal through their personal artistic vision-the alienated masses-those whose wounded souls are adrift in their pain, unable to articulate the deep unsettling discomfort of that alienation with a society that has seemingly gone mad with lust for power, money, and material things?

The masses walk through their lives, dull listless eyes cover the pain of a fragmented soul as we slog through another day of working at a job that does not represent our talents. I see a masked being without eyes, mouth, ears. A creative mind locked behind a door, which if revealed would so startle their fellow beings-could be viewed as other? Strange? Crazy and living on the dark side of the moon.  Hello, is anybody in there? Can anybody hear me? Is there anyone at home?

The artist/shaman heal themselves-on their journey into their artwork. It is a journey to articulate an inner mystical vision. Translating it into color, shape, form, in hopes that the viewer will find their own woundedness, stimulating a healing of their fragmented soul.  Those things which we dream about in the midnight hour, nestled in the darkened closet of our mind, to be taken out in our dreams, marvelled at like the jewel it is.  It is in the dreamworld, when our conscious hold on the world lets go, and our richly colored soul life blooms. It is that "big dream" we think about all day, that message our soul sends us, that we are alive. 

In the daily discourse of our lives would it not be a good thing to nurture, feed and water our soul? It is the inner necessity, to express our deep soul life.