Thursday, August 9, 2018

"Greensleeves - Samhain"
18" x 24" acrylic, decorative paper on board

Obviously, I have not written in my blog for a great long while. A lot has happened... I have been really busy, isn't that what everyone says? I moved to a rather wonderful little cottage with enough land surrounding it to plant a small garden. The renovations have kept me artistically happy, and now know how to tile a backsplash and bathroom; build raised garden beds, dig up and replace a drain pipe, lay in a gravel pathway, and so much more to do.
I adopted two kitties from animal shelter hell. Besides the yowling at night, I rather like them and think they have decided that maybe their new human is okay too.

It has been very smokey outside with all the forest fires on the west coast. My little mountain valley is surrounded by at least 6 fires and the smoke is horrible. I have to wear a mask when I go outside. I even had an evacuation notice; that was chaotic! The kitties didn't want to go in their carrier and bit the crap out of my arm (two weeks of antibiotics) and then, I mean have you ever had to evacuate? You look around the house and see all your stuff and have to decide what to take, say goodbye to all that will burn up... it is not a good scene, believe me. In the midst of the chaos, I got a second call from the emergency services to downgrade to a shelter in place... OMG ! Don't ever want to go there again.
I've quit a lot of things = Etsy, Zazzle, Facebook. Just didn't want to deal with it all anymore. I have yet to update my website... not looking forward to the coding involved with that, but must move on mustn't we.

It was weird to me to see who has been viewing my little blog, and see a lot of Russians looking at me. I don't know, maybe you are trying to hack me? Really, you need to find someone else more worth your while... this is small potatoes and won't get you anywhere. I don't have anything political or financial you want. Just saying and.. you can fuck off.

Because I have been so busy with the house I haven't worked on my art for quite some time. I have dabbled here and there. But then, if I think about it, well yes, I guess I have turned out a couple pieces. I have been studying a new technique ~ pourable acrylics and creating cells with silicone. Very intriguing. I have been experimenting on cheap canvas boards until I feel I have it down enough to use a more expensive cradled board. I am hoping to use that sort of spacey flowing fx with my cut paper to come up with something beautiful.

I promise, I will write in a more timely manner.
I pray that all awaken from this crazy dream and see it for the nightmare we have become. Look up from your electronic devices and "see" someone, engage in a meaningful conversation, engage in your soul life, practice ecology, and realize that the shadow must be balanced with the light.
All My Relations ~ Love C

"Finding Balance in the Midst of Chaos"
24" x 24" Acrylic and decorative paper on cradled board

Monday, August 22, 2016

I spent the entire weekend in a shamanic world. I uploaded an audio book (love audio books) ~Jose Luis Stevens "Awaken the Inner Shaman." Lots of work with the inner shaman ~ very thoughtful journey work included with the teachings, which teaches how to work with your shadow; guides to how to operate in this world of illusion we live in; and now have an idea pointing me towards a new painting. I am about half way through with my year long course work with the "Year of Ceremony" group ~ about 3000 of us from all over the world. It is so cool to connect with shamanic practitioners from Sweden, Ukraine, UK, Australia... We are all working so hard to bring balance to this chaotic world we live in. This is not "woo-woo," it is deep shadowy gunk that needs to be brought out into the light and healed. Would you not agree that our world is becoming increasingly fragmented and every little thing, we as individuals can do to bring balance back, is infinitely better than hatred and fear? I would challenge you, dear reader, to consider what it is you can bring into your daily life that would make our daily lives a little better. It can be as simple as a sincere smile ~ I see you.

I listened to the entire book saturday and sunday, and worked on my altar boxes. I believe that when you work on artwork, music, writing ~ well, anything creative you are sharing with the world; whatever it is you are listening to, feeling, stressing over, enjoying... is infused into your work.
For me personally, I can look at one of my completed pieces and know exactly what it was I was thinking or feeling at the time. It is like my personal time capsule.

It follows that whomever looks or listens or reads that creative piece will feel on a subtle level what it was that the artist was thinking, the inner catalyst infusing the I AM with the artistic soul. It is a marvelous type of healing, or hatred, or whatever...  One must be careful to walk your talk. Nothing can be done that does not touch on someone or many someones. The whole ripple in the pond effect.

It is all cosmic, we are connected whether we want to believe it or not. So, it must be decided within your heart how you want to carry yourself in the world. What you say and do matters.  Heart, compassion, healing, in the face of fear, hatred, and absolute evil. It is the only way to be; otherwise, you are lying to yourself ~ not owning your shit ~ living the lie that God ~ the great I AM ~ does not live within you and you do not live within the I AM. That is a corruption of the absolute truth of the marvelous and so exquisite heart of the I AM.

Well, enough of my proselytizing. The altar boxes are coming along ~ a bit of a pain in the ass to get the finish to lay on without bubbles and unexpected glitches. I may lay this type of work aside for a little while, and begin work on my new painting. It is so crystal clear inside my head and must be put onto a perfect masonite panel that has been patiently waiting for me to find the image, and paint.
Love, C

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I am embarking on a year long ~ 13 Moon, Year of Ceremony ~ with other shamanic practitioners from around the world. At this writing, there are over 600 people participating.
It is organized through SoundsTrue and conducted by 12 shaman elders from different traditions around the world. We all will join together in ceremony on the full moon, via live video or watched later on a taped version; since so many of us are at different time zones, watching the live version could be problematic, say 2 a.m or when you are at work. 

I feel a particular joy with this endeavor, like a vast web of light is being woven around the earth. Shamanic experience has always felt very natural and right for me. It is the platform I have built my artistic endeavors upon. An altar if you will. It is so nice to connect with those of like mind, a world community brought together in a spirit filled ceremony.

This experience will be reflected in my artwork over the coming year. I have begun a new piece already with the theme of spring rite, Ostara, Equinox, the full moon eclipse; which all coincides with the 1st moon ceremony. It is a mixed media piece. I began with designing several paper cuts, which include birds and celtic knot work, and have gessoed the board and painted the initial background stencils in "robins egg blue." 

I wish all of you well, hope that your spring is bursting forth with the promise of joy, health, wisdom, and soul. Love ~ C

Monday, March 14, 2016

I love birds. They have been figuring into my artwork as of late. Two of my latest experimental pieces have had birds in them. My next piece will include them too. 
My new cutting machine ~ Cameo Silhouette ~ is a wonder. I have been asking it to cut out highly intricate designs; Celtic knot work to be exact; wow! beautifully done. There is always a little difficulty learning a new machine/software but it's all good. Technical stuff usually doesn't bother me. 

When I was a little girl, I learned to embroider and discovered the art of patience with small details. That patience has stayed with me. I use patience every day with people and my artwork.
Speaking of patience, I have been trying to update my web site. The art gallery in particular. What a pain in the ass; finding the glitches amongst all the coding. Have you ever seen coding?

Yeah, well now you get the idea.

The flowers of spring have inspired me and got me planning a new piece with white blossoms and Robins. It will be a mixed media piece. Love mixed media. Very experimental. I put on my headphones and listen to, say... Pink Floyd, and just let go, be, cut, glue, paint, daub, print, find my balance and fill my soul with a blissful peace of mind. It is a marvelous thing to feel peaceful and full of energy. Applying elbow grease to your soul purpose will always make one feel simply smashing.

Love ~ C

Sunday, November 29, 2015

I have completed my painting. I am calling it "Fall, Dance of Samhain." It is 18" x 24", acrylic on board. Here is the basic progression of the piece from germ idea to completed painting. The colors are pretty close, a little glare from the lighting.
initial drawing, pencil on paper Sept 2015

drawing layout on board

first painting session Oct 2015
second painting session Oct 2015

third painting session Oct/Nov 2015

Finished painting Nov 28, 2015

Sometimes you see things ~ I mean in the way of vision ~ The ken arrives in your mind, and the realization of truth blossoms in the heart. My soul weeps in recognition of what is and the vanishing of what was; ever and forever walking forward, in all forms, flesh and spirit combine to be ever walking forward into the warrior mind of all there ever is or was; for I am that.
I love you, like no other, said the I am that I am. I am that, and you are I, and I am you. And, that is all there ever is. That ever and deep place where the mind of god resides. Likened to a deep pool of quiet water, wherein we can rest in the shade of foregiveness, and the sunlight which dapples its surface is where my lords light abides. I reside in the green bowers of the aromatic cedar, oh ancient ones whom have seen many days and nights through the passage of time.
Ancestrally, we each must carry our own torch, creating a path of light that flows through the darkness. These torches are never extinguished, and can be used as signposts in the navigation of the ancestral stream  to acquire the knowledge and tools from our ancestry.

“Time is an illusion that once realized, is lovingly embraced, none the less.”The ‘point of poise’ entails balancing polarities so that all mystery is revealed to consciousness. It is to find the center between two extremes and maintain a state of mind undisturbed by any mental or emotional storm. In the stillness and silent questioning of the mind that is left behind, all truth resounds.

“Only when we know our solitude to be different from our loneliness can we be whole enough to honor another’s place.”
A mental seed desire implanted by the conscious mind into the subconscious for incubation and gestation, later to emerge as a new creation in your life affairs. The process of seed into catalyst, and the self-sacrifice of one form to bring into being a new form, and the characteristics inherited because of this transformation.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I have been working on my new piece. Have gone through a couple color corrections to achieve the correct vibration. Using dioxazine purple, cobalt blue, cadmium red deep, turners yellow, burnt umber on a gessoed masonite panel. This is my first time painting on panel, very smooth, takes the paint glazing well ~ as opposed to painting on canvas, which can give a rougher texture and perhaps uses more paint.  
There are three female figures depicted, amidst fall leaves and two birds. The birds started out as ravens, but became firebirds as the piece began to be worked on. It works. To set the vibration of the red/orange birds I used the burnt umber. Originally, they were in a cobalt blue space. It worked but didn't set well with me. The deep brown has grounded the piece, bringing to mind the color of earth with autumn leaves strewn upon it.
As promised, I have been taking a photo after a painting session and will post the progression when the painting is complete. I look forward to thanksgiving weekend and have four days to work. I hate that I can only paint on the weekends, which makes me feel like a sunday hobby artist. Fiddle-dee-dee. Since I have limited space in my apartment, my studio is my bedroom too. I literally sleep with my art. 

Yesterday, I was busy contemplating my navel, thinking about time and space... yeah I know, deep subject, but one which I entertain often. I found myself suddenly tumbling free in space, unattached, untethered to time and the grounding of our every day reality. It was a realization that we are ever walking forward into our lives, we cannot know what will be presented to us, thus we are actors, continually creating our world. This brings to mind the teachings of Don Juan Matus, where he teaches Carlos Castenada how to perceive and act within the Nagual and Tonal. 

There are two “parallel” worlds that comprise the universe — the world of material objects (tonal) and the non-material world (nagual). We communicate with the world of matter through the so-called first awareness, i.e. the one which is carried out through the sense organs of the physical body. To become able of cognizing the nagual, one has to develop the second awareness, that is, clairvoyance.

“The tonal begins at birth and ends at death, but the nagual never ends. The nagual has no limit. The nagual is where power hovers.”  “For the nagual, there is no land, or air, or water. Therefore, the nagual glides, or flies, or does anything it can do in the time of the nagual, which is not related at all to the time of the tonal. These two things do not intersect.”  “The tonal and the nagual are two different worlds. In one you talk, in the other you act.” ~Tales of Power, C.Castaneda~

I don't know that I would want to totally hold on to that concept of reality/non-ordinary reality ~ peak experience ~  all the time. It would be really weird and then you may feel like Buddha or Jesus may have felt walking the world. Catching a glimpse once in while keeps it real.

Love ~ C